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HR Solutions

The challenges in HR management vary and depend on the business model and the development stage of the company. We deliver tangible solutions to master current challenges and think strategically.


A world of committed and self-reflective employees who exploit their full potential.


We are your external HR-solution provider with full focus on your business.


You decide on your priorities

  • Corporate culture
  • Leadership
  • Employer Branding
  • Hiring
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Health Management
  • Compenanstion & Benefits

HR Outsourcing

No company is too small for an HR department as long as it is external.
With outsourcing, costs only occur for the services actually used, without fixed overhead. Be it complete outsourcing or the clever combination of internal resources with external services, your employees benefit from professional HR management. This strengthens the trust in the employer and has a positive effect on employee engagement.


The most uncomplicated and flexible HR-department that provides outstanding services.


We manage the employee life cycle of your employees.


You chose from the following services

  • Payroll
  • Personnel administration
  • Labour law consulting
  • Absenteeism management
  • Recruiting
  • Performance Management
  • Talent Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Health Management

We want to understand your effective needs to create a tailor-made offer.

What can you expect?

Small and Medium Sized companies and startups usually need hands on solutions that are flexible and easy to apply.

At the same time, the costs must match the budget restrictions, especially for startups.

In order to deliver fast results, we apply an agile approach of short HR-sprints.

For every sprint, trackable goals are set. Every sprint must deliver specific outcomes according to the objectives defined.

A sprint can last only a few days. The maximum duration of a sprint is a couple of weeks.

HR Work, Trust Work - Treuhand und HR Outsourcing

Your business is at the centre of our HR and accounting services so that you can focus on your core business.


Trust Work GmbH
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8005 Zürich
+41 44 500 13 90

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